Resources and software


R codes

Some of these might be outdated or there could be already developed R packages to do a better job, but might still be helpful:

  1. Split multiple response entry column(s) in R
  2. Organise Variables in a dataframe
  3. Summariz(s)e all the variables in a dataframe
  4. Data Management and Analysis with R – Training materials.

R shiny dashboards

Warning: Some of the links might be broken due to updates in underlying R packages (or AUTH policies in some APIs) but you can always access source code upon request:

  1. Malaria Death Rates and Global trends
  2. Real-time field survey tracking – Source code and demo available upon request.
  3. Real-time visualization and analysis of Twitter activity – May fail due change in Twitter API AUTH policy change. As already mentioned, all source codes are available.



  1. No-code platform for end-to-end ML/AI prediction – Still under development

R packages

  1. pcoxtime – R package for penalized survival analysis (on CRAN)
  2. varpred – R package for outcome plots (on github)
  3. satpred – R package for pipeline for survival analysis training and prediction pipeline (on github)
  4. glmnetpostsurv – User friendly wrapper for glment survival models (on github)

Work in-progress

R packages

  1. safisha – R package for automated data quality and report generation. Complete but yet to be made open source.
  2. refrange – R package for the clinicians to estimate age-related changes in immune biomarkers in health South African children (on github)

Book chapters

  1. A Step Towards Statistical Analysis in R